Friday, 11 May 2012

Lou Archell from Little Green Shed

Spring has sprung with some beautiful prints, postcards and cards from the Little Green Shed. Lou's illustrations echo the pastel colours and floral inspirations of the 60's with a mint green, peach, yellow and grey combination uniforming the illustrations with bold black details. Lou's talents don't end there, postcards and cards feature her attentive skill for photography. The circle series of photographs beautifully highlight subjects we often look past - an unusual cloud, cherry blossom in the afternoon sun or the sharp line of cranes at a dock against a peaceful summer sky. Each image is then offset with text, some featuring our star of the moment, washi tape, while other texts appear as a subtle reminder ('breathe' featured with the cranes is a personal favourite!). These postcards, including the 'mini' versions of Lou's prints, would make the perfect notelet for someone but we think they look impressive framed and out on display. Even the Little Green Shed blank photograph cards wouldn't look out of place in a frame in their own right. However, we must say, Lou has stolen our heart by photographing her postcards and cards with washi tape!

All of these beauties are available now instore!

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