Saturday, 30 June 2012

Leaf City Press

We've recently started stocking the lovely Jane from Leaf City Press' screen prints and have been blushing at her wonderful review and blog post on Nook & Cranny. It was easy to get caught up in Jane's blog as she has so many great posts and interests (Jane caught me with her sweet words on long-standing artists shop and framers to the big galleries (they frame famous works of art and restore the frames for the Walker art gallery!), Jacksons). However, one post really caught our eye - a collaborative mural on a cafe wall in Manchester.

"It's nice at the top, and scary at the bottom, and the relationship between the monsters and the houses is somewhat ambiguous. Excellent."


We totally agree Jane, extremely excellent! We really must venture out of Liverpool and pop down the road to Manchester and visit this mural at Nexus Art Cafe, we hear so many great things about the art scene in Manchester, it's time Nook & Cranny went on an adventure.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Jojo Norris

Jojo Norris caught our heart with her love of foxes and sad rainy days. Her illustrations are painstakingly hand drawn in ink and then later digitally coloured. Even Jojo's screen prints look far too detailed for a print as cogs and mechanics are beautifully studied and used as a background for sleek foxes. 

Each illustration is so unique and special, you really feel you are getting a 'one - off' piece of art work from a truly talented illustrator.

Royal Mail Stamps by Marion Deuchars

I've never considered being a stamp collector (although I have some beautiful vintage butterfly stamps), but seeing the new collection from the Royal Mail to celebrate 50 years of the Royal Shakespeare Company, it's hard stopping myself from popping down to the post office and getting some of these mini works of art.

Of course, really, it's Marion Deuchars hand writen text that sets these stamps apart and turns them into a work of art and a graphic designers pin-up. You might recognise Marions hand writing from Penguin book covers, commissions from The Guardian and advertisement with Volkswagon. Marion was also the winner of the 2010 V&A book cover design award. 
Marion has also published a fantastic book for creative types "Let's make some great art" - putting a tongue in cheek approach to 'how to draw anything'. 

I'm sure Marion is also the hand behind the latests Boots adverts, and who knew - I own some of her work in the disguise of a Jamie Oliver cook book! 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

WANTED: Guest bloggers!

Following the success of our previous guest blog post from fashion illustrator Richard Kilory, we're looking to you guys for another unique perspective on your latest inspirations, favourite trends or general 'art talk'.
The Nook & Cranny blog has hundreds of followers with increasing views every day. Who knows where your guest journalistic post could take you?!
Email for more details.

'Hanmade' by Hannah Madden

Who'd have thought in the age of digital reproduction and mass production, you could still buy a hand printed card - and for only £2.50?! Hannah Madden has a special talent for creating pastel coloured prints using hand carved blocks and eco friendly inks onto eco friendly paper. Each design is completly unique due to the hand printed nature of the process, making each card truely special. On a variety of cards Hannah even prints a floral address label on the envelope to make a distinctive touch to the Hanmade mini works of art.

We cannot wait to begin stocking more of Hannahs work. She transfers her flora and fauna inspired designs to fabric and stationary - including paper chains, stationary, fabric, cushions and lampshades! 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blank Note

'BLANK NOTE presents' is the new events team that has sprung out of Nook & Cranny and bringing design led fairs and events to The Bluecoat here in Liverpool. Saturday saw the first of Blank Notes events - The Super Summer Fair, and has set a very high bar for the next fair in August! With so many great stall holders, including a couple of artists we already work with at Nook & Cranny, great weather, balloons and music, the day was already off to a good start. The boys covered Liverpool town centre in Blank Note flyers making for a great variety of people to pop by for a visit. Nook & Cranny supplied the event with goodies for a free entry raffle and directed our own customers to our sister event.
I was amazed at the high level of artisans selling their items with a diverse spread of design led crafts and art work. Many of the artists exhibiting enjoyed networking with like-minded talented craftsters and being able to hand out business cards to customers unaware of such talent in the North West. From jewellery to bags, cards and prints to teddies and frames, the first Blank Note fair was a huge success and we can not wait to see what the next fair brings.

 Hannah Stevens

 Anna Cade

Raphaela  Cornut

Sharon Donelly

Sarah Franklin

Tea with Rachael and Stephen

Martyn Holder

Dominic Parker

 Adam Paxman

 Helen Grochowina

Button & Hide

Hannah Bitowski

Jill Twist

Beatnik Frames

Monika Swindells

Mark Harrison

Natalie Bosworth

Amazing, huh?! If you feel like this is the fair for you, or you're wondering if some of the art work you make would suit being sold with Blank Note, email 
See you next time!

Monika Swindells

Another stall holder from the Blank Note Super Summer Fair, that we couldn't let go without stocking up on some of her work for Nook & Cranny!
Monika creates a variety of artwork including eco friendly hand made bags using swatches of fabrics. Each bag is big enough to cart around your life and durable enough to stay sturdy. Neutral tones are packed with a punch of neon and tweed fabrics complimented with beautiful open stitching. Toggles, beautiful lining, rope handles and unusual patchwork set these bags apart from anything else we've seen and we're over the moon to have them on sale at Nook & Cranny. Monika had a great day at the fair and we're looking to bring some of her unusual pin and thread art to you soon.

You MUST also pop over and see Monikas blog - she takes the most beautiful photos documenting her work!