Thursday, 10 May 2012

Kate Slater

Another extremly exciting package of goodies landed in the shop this week, beautiful prints, cards, postcards, brooches and decorations from the very talented Kate Slater. Using paper cutting and collage techniques, Kate has perfectly illustrated playful characters including bears, whales, deer and numerous birds. Each animal is highly detailed with unusual textures hidden within the collage that would make any budding scrapbooker and aspiring paper cutter envious. Each hanging decorative bird and brooch is hand crafted and signed and dated, making each special and unique. The cards, prints and postcards look such exceptional quality. Again we're overwhelmed by the talents of our artists and so proud to be able to share these goodies with you!

Amazing, right? I'm digging out the Pritt Stick and papers as we speak, I'm feeling very inspired!

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