Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Jane Beharrell

We've fallen in love again, this time with lino cuts and exclusive one-off monotype printing in bold colours and beautiful texture that perfectly capture wild beasts.

Wild boars, a Fox, a suprisingly friendly looking bear and a beautiful wolf are all captured perfectly in lino cuts with tactile markings making these hairy beasts really come alive! Jane has also created an exceptional way of monoprinting which brings a dream like quality to her imaginative illustrations. Solid animals look as if they are floating, with Jane perfectly capturing detail in their muscle and form, making it seem as if Jane actually got a Wolf to float in water in order for her to make such a believable life study! Her skill for these monoprints are confirmed with the unusual texture and marks made which really enhance the beautifully unique prints (each print is a one-off).  

Follow Janes blog here to keep up with her beautiful life drawings of her dog (we obviously absolutely love these, being such huge dog fans!) and discover a sneak peek into Jane's studio.

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