Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hazel Nicholls

Hazel is the beautiful mind behind our favourite biscuit print turned tea towel, 'it's nice to be nice'. We are now lucky enough to stock more of Hazels work, including a large limited edition screen print of the nice biscuit we all know and love.

I'm so excited by the Washi tape - a great new trend circulating that makes me want to stick everything and anything up with tape! The russian doll print is sure to become as famous as the nice biscuit and we absolutely love the unusual chartreuse green colour version. We're sure the thank you tea towel is set to fly out as it truely is a perfect gift, I've got at least 4 people in mind I wish to send one to! The tote bag comes with a complimentary leather zipper wallet, perfect for folding up your tote bag inside to remember and carry every where with you, or to use as a purse insdie the tote bag the rest of the time!
Hazel has spoiled you with choices for gifts (whether to yourself or a loved one), but we suggest all of the above just so you can use loads and loads of the Washi tape!

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