Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Pix & El

What a brilliant name for a printing whiz that creates graphic and typographic art prints!

Ceyda's beautiful prints are available in store now. But wait, while you drool over these beautiful and so on trend prints, I've found myself a new blogger crush...

Ceyda has recently started a beauitful blog combining her inspirations, fashion finds and style tips into a clean crisp blog, with beautifully staged phots and simple text that would rival any top American blogger. Check out the start of something wonderful here and don't forget to click 'follow'!

Light up your mood! Light switch stickers!

Have you ever looked at your light switch and thought 'that looks a little like a face'? Ever felt the urge to doodle on the light switch to make it look more like a face? Well put down the pen! Henrietta Swift had the same idea and has created packs of stickers to help transform your light switch! Choose from an animal pack, boy pack or girl pack and get creative!

How brilliantly fun! We're so excited to have these in store now.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Crazy Bear Studio

Simon over at Crazy Bear Studio creates some wonderfully simple greeting cards, save the dates, book marks and prints and posters using a combination of metal and wood type letter press, often using the beautiful Bockingford 100% cotton paper - adding that extra indulgence to these simple prints. 

The Red Dwarf inspired print is a massive hit with us at Nook & Cranny and we're sure the 'time for tea' printwould make a lovely Christmas gift to any tea fan this year!

Nook & Cranny

We like to keep our regular customers on their toes and keep the shop looking fresh and up to date, to achieve this, changes with displays happen fairly often (sometimes we mock Jen a little for getting itchy feet and changing the shop - but with lots of new artists we're dying to have in store, we need to make the room!). 
Today, we look like this -

Monday, 15 October 2012

Natasha Lawless

Natasha has had Nook & Cranny drooling over her beautiful website for a while, with beautiful photos of the items in wonderful surroundings, from wallpaper to hand mirrors, each simple design draws inspiration from Natasha Lawless's Finnish roots - with its strong tradition of clean-line design, as well as from ethnic folk-art from around the world.

The 'into the wild' design as seen on the mug is one of our favourites - combining pastel shades, georgraphical influences and wrapping the illustration up with the quality of the hand drawn.
Cushions, mug and pocket mirrors are available in store now.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Memo Helen

We have a wonderful new artist now in store! Helen Entwisle is part of the 'Girls Who Draw' group who supply us with their beautiful postcard books and zines, alongside two new zines, Helen is also stocking her limited edition screen printed boat.

We really encourage you to visit Helen's website where you can find a bumper stock of hand drawn lettering and beautiful greetings cards, her blog too shows the process and procedures behind screen printing and zine making with wonderful Instagram enhanced photos!

DIY: decorated shower curtain

How many of you as children were told off for doodling on the bedroom wall when you ran out of paper? Or scribbling on your pencil case when bored at school? Still get that urge to let your pen wonder when you find yourself holding it slightly too close to the table? Put your scribbles to good use! Here at Nook & Cranny we're increasingly getting more and more addicted to Sharpie pens and testing them on any surface. While trawling the internet, I found that a company called Grain Design sell an eco friendly, bio-degradeable shower curtain that is machine washable and breathes which reduces the build up of mould and mildew, yes, while this is brilliant on its own, the blank shower curtain comes in a package with a permanent marker so you can design your own work of art that will inevitabley be the focal point in your bathroom!

 Too eager to wait for the post and desperate to get doodling already? Sharpie pens draw on anything - check out these shower curtains for some inspiration! 

All images found here.

So whether you have a few hours to spare and an idea in mind, or just fancy letting the kids point their pens in a more useful direction, don't forget to only draw on the outside of the curtain (this usually has a grainier feeling to the material and sits on the outside of your bath/shower facing into the bathroom). Why not try a  little colour too and keep us updated if you give this a go!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Little Peach

With a shop name like 'The Little Peach' encouraging dreams of sweet and fun goodness, Sally Leach delivers with hand screen printed characters, warm colours and an overall feeling of sheer delight!

Nook & Cranny are going to take inspiration from the vintage hair styles prints - if only we could get John to try a mohawk!
And, yes Instagrammers - that is indeed an 'earlybird' filter you spotted there on the luna print! Sally updates her Instagram, @thelittlepeach, with wonderful work in progress pictures, family fun and cute animals!

Monday, 1 October 2012

MU clocks

Brand new to Nook & Cranny, we now have some beautiful clocks on display! Handmade using old lp records and vinyl decals, the outcome is a wonderfully bright and inspiring clock - we won't mind the countdown to tea time with these clocks from MU!

Dragon fruit, coconut, watermelon and lemon clocks - who'd have thought!
Brand new in store at Nook & Cranny now.


During the ten art-packed weeks of the Independents Liverpool Biennial, Nook & Cranny will be open Sundays.

Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm
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Sundays 12pm - 4pm

Happy shopping!