Saturday, 19 May 2012

Celia Hart

Last saturday we we're lucky enough to meet the incredibly talented and equally very lovely Celia Hart with her husband Cliff. Celia's husband Cliff has relatives here in Liverpool but currently both live in Suffolk- my own home county! Celia creates lino cut prints, cards and illustrations. We are currently stocking Celia's vintage inspired lino cuts of hares and birds and illustrations of her cats and vegetables she grows herself (including purple podded peas!) :

We love the extra detail inside the cards!

Beautiful right? The hares remind me of the illustrations for Watership Down (John Lawrence I think?) and the vintage feel is complimented in olive, tangerine, fuschia and teal colours.The cards are looking perfect in our flora & fauna themed display:

While talking to Celia, we found out about an up and coming print starring birds in a tree and a quote from Shakespeare. Fingers crossed we can stock some future limited edition lino cuts!
I whole heartedly urge you to follow Celia Hart on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to check out her blog here. The purple podded peas blog is beautifully and well written, offering a sneak peak into Celias world which is full of veg, hens and printing! Not only is Celia a keen Tweeter (something I'm yet to get the hang of, sorry), illustrations on an iPhone are the latest string to Celias bow! Having appeared on local radio, a member of various arts and blogging organisations, Celia has also had her work featured in magazines. Again, we're in awe of our very talented artists that we feel so priviledged to be able to share with you guys through Nook & Cranny.

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