Thursday, 22 December 2011

Peggy Wolf for Creature Comforts Blog

Just as I'm looking for last minute Christmas craft ideas, I stumble upon a beautiful new piece of work from one of our wonderful artists Peggy Wolf!

How beautiful?! So very happy for Peggy going global and featuring on such a great blog.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nook & Cranny Christmas list

Whenever I'm browsing new artists or we get some wonderful new stock, I always imagine who I could give such an item to as a gift. With Christmas around the corner and Etsy full of wonderful UK based artisans at the moment, I couldn't resist making a Christmas gift list for Jen, John and Bob.

For Jen,

a beautiful print from Freya Art & Design. Personally chosen because Jen effectively saved me when she asked me to help her with Nook & Cranny. Illness or not she has been so understanding and supportive and I love my job!


to combine Jen's love of good type and Pride and Prejudice, I found this wonderful print by Chatty Nora.

For John,

coffee and Star Trek? A perfect print for John from Aura Bowman!


Playstation controllers disguised as soap? Men always get 'smellies' for Christmas but at least these are a little more manly! From Two Egg Plants.

And for Bob,

an amzingly intricate bear t-shirt to add to Bob's steadily growing collection. Available in a different colour way, from InkHeart.


a mug adorned with the whole family of bears?! Perfect! Bob is a bear fanatic and equally excited by tea. Katie Viggers stocks some wonderful work.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

Saturday, 3 December 2011

DIY Postcard Poster

How adorable is this idea? Print out postcards, post them to a loved one and once all are collected, they make a jigsaw poster! Found over here and with a free downloadable/printable version.

New stock : Nicola Rowlands

The ever so lovely Nicola Rowlands popped by Nook & Cranny again yesterday to hand deliver some more beautiful goodies.

The handsome Taco Kitty now adorns a tote bag, Christmas with Nicola can be celebrated with love by sending a card that says "happy holidays to you and your horrible little dog", a Capybara makes for an unusual ornament while Victor's girlfriend can be shown off as an ornament too.
Coming soon: the pug cushion. We're so excited about this one! Already sold out, Nicola is wipping up more pugs to sit pretty next to Victor here at Nook & Cranny.
Not only this, but Nicola has very kindly brought more original drawings. Handsome bearded and 'tached men, fishes and knickers - these original drawings are so unique and sure to raise a smile.
We love a friendly visit from Nicola and were even more suprised by a visit from Nicolas University tutor! Quick to spot Nicolas work and buying the last Victor pillow for her office, she was full of praise for both Nook & cranny and Nicola.

Meeting the artists, crafters, makers and designers we stock, makes Nook & Cranny seem like a home - nestling our family of talented creators firmly under our wing. Not only does it make us protective of our hard workers and artists, we can discuss our family of makers with the customers - reasuring them of the unique handmade and original designs that are exclusive to Nook & Cranny in Liverpool.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Old Wives Tale

"Inspired by nature, traditions and tales. My work is centred around illustration where I like to use intricate detail alongside a simple pallet or layout.
Living in North Wales provides me with a wealth of stories, myths and tales not to mention the beautiful foxes, badgers and hedgehogs that come to visit in the garden."

The very lovely Hannah at Old Wives Tale has beautifully illustrated swans, ravens, foxes and mice alongside eloquent quotes to create a wonderfully different greeting card or delicate print. Lovingly depicted with pen and ink, these animals come to life and earn their place to be framed and admired.

Printing Jenni

Christmas gift buying never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing the special someone the gift is for will be adored. HOWEVER. Sometimes, isn't gift wrapping just such a pain? Cellotape and long hair doesn't mix, so while I think I've been creative wrapping gifts to make them look like a cracker, I often come away dazed, confused and a fringe full of sticky tape and ribbon. My generous mother on the other hand, has the task of keeping the mounds of gifts for people together in a neat organized pile. 
If only there was some way I could stylishly avouid gift wrapping, or my mum could keep everyone's goodies kept together?

Ta-da! Printing Jenni has hand screen printed small and large tote bags in a wonderfully Christmasy illustration. The small red stocking bags would be perfect to fill with sweets and delights and for me to avoid wrapping gifts, just adding a little complimentary green tissue paper as stuffing. While the larger stocking, tree and star printed natural canvas, fair trade, tote bags look the perfect size to pile high with ready wrapped gifts for someone you're spoiling.

Christmas with Sophie In Disguise

Christmas = winter. Winter = wrapping up warm.
Combine the two and you fairly often result in festive itchy jumpers you only wear to cheer up your nan. However, it seems some the 'cool' kids on the block manage to carry off an over the top knitted jumper, wearing them with pride and flauting them down the streets (Bob here at Nook & Cranny looks quite handsome in his collection). Now Sophie brings us Christmas geek chic in the form of a quirky shaped card with 'warm wishes' noted inside. Perfect if you know a cool kid or irony for your nan. Either way, they're part of Nook & Cranny's pick & mix offer - jumpers all round!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Joy of Ex Foundation.

The sarcasm behind the name of this group almost sums up the tone and humour behind Sally's work at The Joy of Ex. Having only started the foundation in may of this year, and having the prints, tea towels and bags proudly on display at Nook & Cranny, the popularity so far is amazing. Take a look at the work, and then we'll pull at the heart strings with the story behind the concept.

Book Club Tote Bag
Set Of Four 'Cake Bowls' Postcards
Set Of Four 'Naked' Postcards

"Sally doesn’t really consider herself an overly nice person, but when her own divorce almost cost her her smile, she started writing a funny novel to make herself giggle. And whilst writing the book she decided to start The Foundation. She wasn't exactly sure exactly how she could possibly help anyone. So as a writer, she started a little Facebook group to help people to smile more… cos sometimes in life there is nothing else you can do.
Then people started asking her for merchandise and books featuring all her silly quotes. She had some printed, and people from all around the world started buying them. Sally now puts aside a chunk of the money she earns, to try and help people when they get stuck going through a rough break up."

How thoughtful can one person be? Whether you are succuming to the heart ache of a break up, having a bad day or know someone who is described perfectly in the form of a beautiful statement postcard, these beauties make everyone smile. Personally, my favourite is 'I'm in a love triangle with Ben &  Jerry'. Jen on the other hand sleeps with books and I posted one to my mum on her birthday, knowing she is 'proud to lick cake bowls'. The bright colours, simple text but fantastically funny announcements draw in the crowds themselves, but knowing why Sally is hoping they cheer people up and knowing that profits go towards counselling and support for people in need, only makes you love them more.
Pop in to Nook & Cranny and find the satement that best suits you, or get one for a friend in need and feel the glow of pride knowing how happy the world could really be.