Saturday, 31 March 2012

Did you know?

That the Joy Of Ex Foundation's 'My kitchen is for dancing' tea-towel was featured in Vogue magazine?!
Sally is raising that bar yet again!

Monday, 26 March 2012

My Space Monday

This weeks my space feature is from another of the Osborne family, Kim Osborne a.k.a Knockout.
Where is this work space that you call home? 

My workspace is upstairs in the spare room. I've been using it as a workspace for about 18 months now.



What makes this space a perfect working environment for you? 

Luckily it's one of the lightest rooms in the house and has a huge built in wardrobe to put all my bits and pieces in. Everything I need is to hand, and if I am very lucky and I wait long enough someone will make me a cup of tea!

What object in your workspace could you not live without and why?

Probably my home-made printing press. I put it together with a little help from my Dad (or should that be the other way round?!). It's made from lots of wood and a scissor jack. I simply crank it up to press the prints. So simple and effective and it cost a fraction of the price of a proper press.

Explain to us a typical day in your work space.

I work at home on a Monday and a Friday. I usually spread my time between my workroom (for printing), the computer downstairs (for admin and on-screen designing) and the dining table (for mini photoshoots). If I am planning to do lots of printing I'll prep my workspace and use the press and table to get everything going. I also use the space for drawing and sketching designs as well as wrapping and packing all my orders.

If there was a fire in the building, what would be the 3 items/objects that you would instantly grab?

I think the press would be too heavy! One of my drawers is full of my cut lino's that I have used on various prints so I may take that with me - so much time and effort have gone in to them. I also have a few vintage letterpress alphabets which I would love to save, also the only copies I have of a joke book I illustrated last year - I wouldn't like them to be forgotten!

Any tips on maintaining a work space and how to ensure a productive day in the studio? 

When doing a print run I use most of the surfaces in the room to lay the prints out to dry. This means I have to be clever with what I'm doing and when I'm doing it so that I don't need the tables in the workroom for anything for a while. This is when dividing my time up between computer work and print work comes in handy, so it's really important to plan ahead.

I find a great way to be productive is to write lists. I write lists for each day I am working from home, ticking things off helps me stay focused and feel like I'm getting things done. I have long-term plans so I know I am going in the right direction with my products and promotion, and list key dates in a spreadsheet which I print off and put on my noticeboard so it's always there to remind me.

Sometimes it's easy to get distracted and spend an afternoon doodling when I should have been printing or taking photos, but I try not to feel guilty about that. When you work for yourself part of the joy is being able to be your own boss and be flexible. If, at the end of the month, everything gets done then all is OK - it doesn't matter if you veered off course for a bit.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Found - Chloe Fleury

An amazingly talented young artist. Born in France but residing in Sanfrancisco, we just had to share this magical young lady's work with you all.

Chloe Fleury's work is mainly handmade paper sculpture and illustration, including the above 'neighbourhood' project which would look just as amazing in 2D as it does in 3D!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rob Ryan's latest accessories

We wont go on about Rob Ryans beautiful hand cut paper work as he has now become so popular that a large variety of his products are available in many high street stores, so most of you will be familiar with his work or will have seen it in passing when shopping. Here at Nook & Cranny we love the idea of developing a design so far that it would suit any background, but we were quite suprised to find Rob Ryans latest work adorns an umbrella and watering can! Beautiful colour palettes, intricate and uniformed designs are made very British by reminding us of our springs - a mad cross between hose pipe bans and floods.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring with Kate Broughton

The birds in the garden (whether they're noisy Magpies or cheeky Seagulls) are starting to wake us up earlier and earlier - it must be Spring!
This selection of cards from Kate Broughton are perfect for any twitcher (bird watcher) for any occasion for the wonderful illustration alone. However, these brilliant cards come with a pack of bird seed suitable for all garden birds. What a lovely idea?

Bird illustrations include Coal Tit, Gold Finch, Green finch and Nuthatch.

From fashion to home - top fashion designers dabling in interior decoration

To keep ontop of future trends, styles and designs for decorating the home, an ear is always kept close to the fashion ground and runways. While many timeless design styles and themes will be forever used and adopted to suit each person in each home, trends for decoration will often reflect the latest runway and seasonal fashion week. So what happens when well known fashion designers attempt their own home range? Expect iconic prints and textures that make the most average of home accessory famous.

Tina Turk

Ralph Lauren



Images found through Elle Decoration magazine.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012


We've been fans of Doodlelove for what seems like forever and have stocked their work since Nook & Cranny began. Their cards are among the popular with their witty quotes, simply text and bright colours drawing in the crowds. Now we have this print to add to the collection! A wonderful quote from Dr. Seuss that is both uplifting and very true! 
Add to your own Doodle Love collection and pick this print up, available in store now.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Shop update

Were always changing here at Nook & Cranny and were filling up fast with new fantastic ranges of cards and prints. Here are a few sneaky photos of the shop before it evolves again.

My Space Monday

Each week we will share with you an insight into our wonderful artists world and show you their workspaces.
This week it's Sophie Wilson.

1. Where is this work space that you call home? 
Whilst studying at University (I'm currently in my second year on the Graphic Design degree at Leeds College of Art)- work space can be found in both my home and Uni studio, but home is definitely where I work best (sorry, tutors!). Although in my second year, I'm still living in halls (an active decision... though I'll be moving into my first student house in July, exciting times!), and whilst it's pretty beige, it does have it's good points (never having to design in the cold, really close to Uni and the city centre...lots of pluses!). So, for now, my workspace and studio is my bedroom too. I'm looking forward to the day until I can have a clear division for work and life. Though it has to be said, sometimes, to an extent, I think work really is my life- and it's the love for it that keeps me going. 

2. What makes this space perfect for a working environment for you?

The convenience of my studio as my permanent living space is, of course, ideal! And the fact that if the workload all gets a bit too much, my bed is less than a metre away! At home, I feel my most relaxed, and I find that's ideal to my way of working. I don't feel as though I design very well if I'm wearing shoes (don't ask me why!).

3. What object in your workspace could you not live without? Why?

My MacBook!
Seriously the best investment I have ever made, and it now houses my life! Until last year I relied upon a desktop PC... it got me by, but now I just couldn't go back. I'm looking to hopefully get an iMac when I graduate (for the screen!) so I can work as effectively and professionally as possible.

4. Explain to us a typical day in your work space.

My usual workday (five/six days a week) involves getting up around 6:30, checking my emails and packaging up any online sales for the day before heading off to Uni for 08:30 until around 5PM. After an hour of doodling, general pottering and the like, I start work again around 7PM until 1- working on University work as well as freelance projects, before having a few hours sleep before it starts all over again. Auto pilot mode, forever!

5. If there was a fire in the building, what would be the 3 items/objects that you would instantly grab?
Aside from personal, more sentimental objects and possessions I have- letters and gifts from my boyfriend, as well as trinkets and mementos that I have collected throughout my life, I would probably pick quite reasoned and work-orientated objects... my Mac, my Graphics Tablet (another one of my best buys!) and my "favourite book collection" which sits on my shelf- the Adrian Mole series, 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being', 'The Importance of being Earnest', and 'Persepolis'. I've loved reading ever since I was young, and these are the books I return to time and time again and evoke such memories and joy. Although they aren't valuable in terms of monetary value, they're some of my most prized possessions. 

6. Any tips on maintaining a work space and how to ensure a productive day in the studio?
Two things are essential in my life for a productive day- a clear space and a cup of tea! I think working in mess and clutter makes for, in my case anyway, a cluttered mind- trying to keep things as clear and minimal as possible is always the way to go to ensure I get the work done! And to have the inspiration of others around you, of course- I like to make sure I have gorgeous work around me- to make me happy, and, therefore, have a positive influence on my work (on my noticeboard I have designs by the fantastically talented Robbie Porter and Audrey Malo). But most importantly, a good brew! Frankly, if there's not a cup of tea on the desk, you've probably walked into the wrong room!

Sophie is such a young, determined talent. Here at Nook & Cranny we remember halls well, however, we seem to remember day time T.V and afternoon naps. Sophie is so driven, we just know that this young lady will go very far.

Girls Who Draw

Through Karoline Rerrie, our attention has been brought to the fantactic new group of illustrators collaborating together to create both exhibitions, commercial work and cards and a website to highlight a group of fantastic and female illustrators. The group, Girls Who Draw, include recent graduates, emerging and experienced artists. The group contains women from all over the U.K including among many, Ruth Green, Helen Entwistle, Kate Hindley, Gemma Correll and one of our new stockists, Karoline Rerrie.
Each illustrator is asked to intrepret a theme in their own unique style to create a postcard book, while also creating new work for an exhibition under the same theme. Through the exhibition the artists are able to explore new materials and skills for their work which they don't get to showcase through 2d illustrative work. This has resulted in stitched, papercut, painted and printed items.
Through the wonderful Karoline, we are so pleased this has come to our attention. While we are stocking Karolines items, we're pleased to say we will stock the Girls Who Draw postcard books and look towards more collaborative work with the Girls Who Draw and Nook & Cranny.

Here's a sneak peek at a few illustrations available in the Magic Show postcard book.

Fantastic collection no? So many more as well, we shall keep you guys posted of course.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sam Osborne

We have some wonderful new prints in from Sam Osborne!

 Vintage typography, traditional recipes and hand drawn illustrations make these prints from Sam the perfect new addition to our print wall. Such a talented young lady! Have you seen Sam's work space? Check out the previous blog post here.