Wednesday, 23 May 2012

iPhone cases for the design hungry!

Seeing as I'm keeping up with the kids and I joined the iPhone gang, I can't help but notice that so many designers and artists have either specially designed their own range of cases or have had their art work made to fit a case. Amazingly enough, a few artists we already stock have their own iPhone case range too!
The following cases are from the great site Society 6.

Sandra Dieckman


Ali Gulec

Leah Flores

Catherine Holcombe

Kavan & Co


Bianca Green


Jess John

Gemma Correll

Quite a few goodens aren't there? Bare in mind this site had over 2000 pages of iPhone case designs from almost as many artists, so this is just a few from the first few pages! More artists with great designs included Jack Teagle, Ashley Percival, Indur, Leigh Whipday, Mike Boon, Joan Mclemore, Kerri-Ann Hulme, Teagan White, Typographic Verses, Ben Giles, Agrimony, Kris Tate, Zach Terrell, Jamie Mitchell, Andy Thomson, Terry Fan, Cassia Beck, Meeralee, Steven Kline, Norman Duenas, Us & Them - and then I gave up, ha!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my work :)
    (Let's Run Away IV by Leah Flores)