Tuesday, 8 May 2012

DIY: Paper pencils!

I've found a brilliant blog full of fantastic 'how to's. Each DIY has simple instructions and great images and even videos to help with the tutorials. I promise soon we shall include our own DIY features - John has been getting the hang of Origami, Jen has made a paper poppy wreath and I just may share the wisdom behind zines with a 'one page how to' zine!
But for now, check out this blog and have fun creating your own paper pencils! (I'll note, as this is American and I've never come across 'Modge Podge' glue, I'm sure it's the same as P.V.A. Also, nip to Poundland for those retractable pencils - you can get a set of 8 for, yes, a £1, and use the lead out of those, just work carefully!)

Absolutely LOVE the idea of layered coloured pencils - very on-trend with the Ombre moment we're all having!

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