Thursday, 28 October 2010

Somthing Strange is happening...

A rare anomaly has occurred right here on our blog...A black hole!
During the last post a sneaky black hole found its way onto the page. I have consulted the worlds top scientists and they have come the conclusion that it may be because of too many hits on the space bar; another theory is that a picture decided it no longer wanted to be displayed on the site and took itself off elsewhere...... what do you think?

Design Studio: To Dry For!

We are really happy that we we will stocking some fantastic products in the new shop!
The response from all you independent studios and designer/makers has been amazing.
We will be updating and uploading images to the blog in the next few days.
Firstly here is To Dry For


 From top to bottom, left to right.... Rob Ryan, Darling Clementine x 4, Stuart Kolakovic, Ben Javens, Hello Wilson, and the wonderful Gemma Correll (see past post)
 Who knew drying the dishes could be so colourful and fun. Lets throw out our old stinky tea-towels and upgrade!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Something Fishy

Few snaps I took while on my travels around London Design Week. These came from a restaurant window and are of a fantastic chandelier made up of a school of ceramic fish. Well designed and very eye catching, I just had to take a snap. Im dying to know whos work this is so if anyone recognizes these fishy fellows give me a quick email.

 Here is something similar I have found in my huge piles of London pictures from artist Pei-Ju at the Made In.. design fair. 

There is something so beautiful and elegant about origami. The best I could ever accomplish was a bendy paper airplane!

Busy Busy Bee

Yesterday I was at the Bluecoat Gallery looking at the vacant unit. It was quite perfect for what I have planned. 

 The Gallery is the oldest building in the City Center and Grade 1 listed.
The Bluecoat is a major art institution in Liverpool and received 618,000 visitors last year. Surrounded by the new Liverpool One shopping district this really is a fantastic location.  

Getting closer now, very exciting!