Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crafts with Washi Tape!

Washi tape is having a major moment. Since being used to jazz up wrapping Christmas presents, bright, colourful and fun versions of the stuff have been circulating for a while now. My studio wall is covered in gingham, polka dot and floral tape holding up anything I could get my hands on - postcards, drawings from my 5 year old cousin, scrapbook materials and inspiration cuttings (I even had a go at sticking flowers up - suprisingly beautiful!). With a craving for more tape, I delved back into the blogging world and found so many different craft ideas. Here are my top picks:

1: Decorating the front cover of a plain note book from Amy Tangerine (Washi tape would also be great for the spine of hand sewn notebooks),
2: Adding a new dimension to the underside of a lamp shade from It All Started With Paint,
3: Jazzing up eco-friendly wooden cutlery from The Sweetest Occassion and
4: A beautiful idea for Washi tape silhouette cards or art work from Leukst.

I've bought some of my Washi tape from my local art supplies shop, but you can also get creative with beautifully patterned tapes on Etsy or Ebay. Let us know what you decide to create?

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