Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring theme: bird wallpaper

At Nook & Cranny, getting in the spirit of Spring we're going crazy for all things birds. Searching for more ideas I've come across some great wallpaper patterns featuring a few of our feathered favourites; owls, doves, seagulls and cockatoos!

Lovely subtle paper for the pattern shy.
Cole & Son Tropical Birds Wallpaper, Grey. 
Made in Britain!


Perfectly whimsical and not just for kids!
Harlequin Wallpaper, 'What a Hoot' 

Amazing flash of neon that would work well on a feature wall.
Cole & Son Flamingos Wallpaper, Grey / Neon
Made in the Britain!

Very Quentin Blake! 
Osborne & Little Cockatoos Wallpaper
Made in Britain!

A wonderful pattern available in a variety of colours.
Scion Flight Wallpaper,
Made in Britain! 

Then I've come across this magical wallpaper entitled 'Whoot' from the Trustworth Studios. You may recognise the style of the pattern as it's designed by none other than CFA Voysey - William Morris. 


Trustworth Studios have a massive collection of beautiful wallpaper, each with a design description and date of original drawing. Discover more here.

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