Monday, 23 April 2012

MySpace Monday - Harriet Gray

Talented Miss Harriet Gray has supplied us with our Monday feature and let us take a little peak into her creative days. 

Where is this work space that you call home? 
I share the spare room at my parent's house with my partner luke (cheeky
link : We moved here roughly two years ago (after living
in Bournemouth for a good few years) with a mission to save money to move to
Our workspace is pretty tiny, squished between big bookcases filled with
many, many books and records, and a sofa bed (good luck trying to fold that
Luckily, we have a separate bedroom otherwise we literally wouldn't be able
to move. 

What makes this space perfect for a working environment for you?
I actually really like working in a smallish space, I think it forces me to
be tidy and more organized and I HAVE to tidy up when I make a mess, instead
of just moving over to a part of the room that is tidy! Ha!
I also love that our studio's at the front of the house with big windows,
making it really bright with natural light. (also means I can easily spy on
any passers by) 
Another massive bonus is that I share the space; I'd be lonely otherwise! 

What object in your workspace could you not live without and why?
Most definitely pencils and paper, my Bristol board, 2H, HB and 2B pencils to
be precise. And, of course, my precious iMac.
Also, I love having fresh flowers (or, when they inevitably die, a pot
plant) on my desk. It's a nice contrast to staring at a computer screen. 


Explain to us a typical day in your work space.
I am a big procrastinator and if I'm not careful I can all too easily waste
away a whole day doing absolutely nothing of any significance! So I'm very
strict on myself when it comes to structuring the day.
Basically, I schedule in two hour time slots throughout the day where I
solely focus on my work. No distractions allowed! After every two hours I
break for 1 hour to do anything and everything that is totally non-work
I've found working like this really encourages me to use my time effectively
and allows me to feel content at the end of the day with what I have
achieved and it also means that my breaks are totally guilt free!
And now, I'm going to let you in on a little secret -
Most days I'm sat at my desk A LOT. Which really doesn¹t help my back. So in
order to loosen up and get the blood pumping, and generally an excuse to be
silly, every half an hour we get up from our chairs and (I warn you this
may sound rather insane) we run around the house like we're mad!! Round
and round and up and down! If you're ever experiencing a creative block,
this is the way to fix it!
Oh, I forgot to mention making endless cups of green tea and tending to my
cat's every need, haha! 

If there was a fire in the building, what would be the 3
items/objects that you would instantly grab?
Luckily for me, pretty much all of my sentimental belongings are in storage
boxes at my sister's house! I'd most likely grab my iMac. How ferocious are
the flames? I may only have chance to save my external hard drive!
And my two cats as they'd most likely sleep through it. 
Any tips on maintaining a work space and how to ensure a productive
day in the studio?
Keep it tidy! Make lists (and stick to them). Take regular breaks, exercise,
get out and away from your work regularly to keep your eyes fresh. Have fun!

Again, a small space seems to be the best situation, whether planned or not, as it keeps you busy and keeps you organised. LOVE the idea of getting up and running around for a break! Not crazy at all! Here at Nook & Cranny we often have a little mad dance to the radio when no-one's looking! It seems although Harriet has moved back home (we know how hard that can be!) she is really making the most of it and seems to have absolutely everything in order! Also, how good is her partners work? He illustrates for the Financial Times, top writers and The British Medical Journal - oh my! He must be an extra source of inspiration for Harriet - where can we get one?

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