Monday, 2 April 2012

Artist find : Elisa Strozyk

Elisa Strozyk has a remarkable way of using familar materials in an unconventional way. Generally we associate wood to be a solid material, can be cut and shaped but not maluable or flexible in the same sense as other softer materials. Elisa Strozyk creates a beautiful juxtaposition by replacing fabric based products with wood and in turn creating something so unique and yet reasuringly suitable in its surroundings.

Rugs are often very tactile products for the home, but here Elisa has created a sculptural item that begs to be touched, studied and moulded. The light, Miss Maple, again creates a twist as the lamp shade looks delicate and soft, only to be sculpted and folded into a new shape that holds. 
Elisa Strozyk also creats a unique 'accordian' series of furniture providing the home with unexpected folds of wood. Who knew wood could be pleated and so soft?

Find her website here.

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