Monday, 2 April 2012

My Space Monday : Richard Fairhead of El Famoso

My space Monday is taking another sneaky peak into the world of our wonderful artists. This week, it's Star Wars man Rich Fairhead.

Where is this work space that you call home? 
This work space is pretty new (1 month) as I've just started working from home
again after leaving a shared studio in east London. I used to have more space
so getting used to not having loads of wall space to pin up images/sketches etc.

What makes this space perfect for a working environment for you?

I've got a good view of brockwell park (south London) either side. Its a small desk so
makes me more organised with all the crap I normally surround myself with.
Plus I've got an open fire a few feet away which helps when its cold.

What object in your workspace could you not live without and why?

I'd like to say its something exciting like a an object from
travels or something memorable, but unfortunately its my laptop.
Its got my life on. Failing that, a pen and paper I'm happy with.
Oh yeah, and music is a must.

Explain to us a typical day in your work space.

Ideally start early(ish), cup of tea. Get all boring emails out of way.
Have a gander at non work related sites, and get drawing. I've been
selling a fair few prints recently so spend ages wrapping up those
and queing in the post office. Go for a run around the park (unless its raining or I'm 
too hungover) 
If I've got everything done, head out in the evening to get away from
desk for a bit.

If there was a fire in the building, what would be the 3 items/objects that you would instantly grab?

Predictably I'd take my laptop. Then my a2 folder, full of prints and old work. And lastly, 
probably chuck as many books at the window as possible (plus my glasses if I wasn't wearing them)

Any tips on maintaining a work space and how to ensure a productive day in the studio?

For a productive day I'd say - 
Cups of tea
A list of stuff that needs doing
Fresh air before lunch (and after)
Get feedback off mates/people who are honest
Good Music
Lots of paper
Ideally a couple of projects to keep the brain working.

Lots of paper, cups of tea and music - just how our Leigh likes to work! 
Thanks Rich 

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