Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easter DIY

What a lovely idea! I know, it's very American to want to send gifts and decorate your house depending on the 'holiday' but I really think this makes a sweet gift.

Simply pierce your egg with a pin and drain. Some people like to leave the egg shell in a hot oven for a few minutes or fill with water to clean. Either way is fine.
Then delicately paint your egg in sugary sweet pastel colours.
Write a little note on a small strip of paper, roll and place inside hole (you may need to wiggle the pin in the hole more to make it a little bigger).
Box up the gift using torn tissue paper to create a nest and send to someone that needs a little smile putting on their face!

I'm going to post one down to my mum as I'll be missing out on the big Easter roast this year.
Idea found on this pretty blog.

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  1. amazzzzing! think i'm going to have to make one of these for my mummy this easter! x