Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Spring is upon us with 'Hole In My Pocket'

It's lambing season already and my nanny is soon to be waking up her two tortoises from their winter hibernation, it's also oddly sunny here in Liverpool at the moment and we have Daffodils in bloom in the shop. It must be Spring! Knowing that all the animals are getting busy and thinking of baby sheep and puppies, we're reminded that humans also like to pop out sprogs around this time of the year. Aparently couples cuddle up in the winter and find an extra gift in time for the summer. As many are still blissfully detatched from such a situation, and while others who are knee deep in sticky toddlers, Hole In My Pocket have produced the most perfect card.

A perfect Venn Diagram that aptly prepares glowing parents to be. Of course we have other wonderful and perfectly pleasant new baby cards, but sometimes, it's just nice to be funny.
Thanks Hole In My Pocket.

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