Sunday, 11 March 2012

Saturday 10th March

We have had a really lovely day today here at Nook & Cranny. The Bluecoat has been packed full with activity including a 2d art fair in the courtyard, a comic book fair has been on aswell as artists talks surrounding the new exhibition at the Bluecoat. On top of all this activity, the shop was packed to the walls with friendly customers and new fans. We love taking the time to chat with each of you, whether to remark on a great choice of card or to go into detail about the artists work you're currently loving. We class Nook & Cranny as a family business and include each and everyone of you in the family.
Lovely to meet you guys today, don't be strangers, pop in even if you just want to talk to like-minded people about art, the weather or your favourite chocolate bar. See you soon! 

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