Monday, 19 March 2012

Girls Who Draw

Through Karoline Rerrie, our attention has been brought to the fantactic new group of illustrators collaborating together to create both exhibitions, commercial work and cards and a website to highlight a group of fantastic and female illustrators. The group, Girls Who Draw, include recent graduates, emerging and experienced artists. The group contains women from all over the U.K including among many, Ruth Green, Helen Entwistle, Kate Hindley, Gemma Correll and one of our new stockists, Karoline Rerrie.
Each illustrator is asked to intrepret a theme in their own unique style to create a postcard book, while also creating new work for an exhibition under the same theme. Through the exhibition the artists are able to explore new materials and skills for their work which they don't get to showcase through 2d illustrative work. This has resulted in stitched, papercut, painted and printed items.
Through the wonderful Karoline, we are so pleased this has come to our attention. While we are stocking Karolines items, we're pleased to say we will stock the Girls Who Draw postcard books and look towards more collaborative work with the Girls Who Draw and Nook & Cranny.

Here's a sneak peek at a few illustrations available in the Magic Show postcard book.

Fantastic collection no? So many more as well, we shall keep you guys posted of course.

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