Monday, 12 March 2012

My Space Monday.

Every Monday we will bring you a sneak peek into our wonderful designers, artists and stockists workspace.

This week it's the beautiul Sam Osborne!

1. Where is the workspace that you call home?

"I work from home and we have a pretty small flat so my workspace has to be squeezed into one side of the second bedroom, which leaves me about enough room for a desk and big bookshelf! Getting everything I need to run my business, design, make and pack my products into this small space is quite an art form.
Multi purpose and organised are my keywords!"

2. What makes this space the perfect working environment for you?

"I've always been drawn to the smaller rooms, I purposefully chose the smallest room at home when I was a kid and in our shared house and at University. It kind of keeps you in check, without too much room to make a mess it's pretty hard to make one! At least that's the theory. I have everything I need right where I need it, usually within arms reach and I surround myself with inspiring artwork and objects that I love and have real meaning to me."

3. What object in your workspace could you not live without? Why?

"-My computer, for very practical reasons. I run my business on there, I communicate with clients on there and a lot of my work is done on there so without that, things would grind to a halt!
-My collection of books, which I love. I can always find something in there to inspire, help or teach me! And I use them on an almost daily basis.
-My glasses, I don't wear them enough but when I'm doing really intricate work they are invaluable!"

4.Explain to us a typical day in your workspace

"I try to start work by 9, if not before and the day usually starts with checking in on my email, twitter, Facebook, blog and reply to anything that needs urgent attention. 

Then I'll make a plan of action for the day and make sure I put everything on there, from going to the Post Office to reordering envelopes as well as working on design and illustration projects. 

On a good day I can get a load done in the morning and often loose track of time so lunch kinda happens whenever I realise I am hungry or someone comes home for lunch to remind me! 

I'll usually run any errands straight after lunch and then get back into project work for the rest of the afternoon. 

My boyfriend is usually home around 6 and this marks the official end of my working day, however I usually find myself working on things in the evening, tinkering with designs and getting stuck into my sketchbook.

I try not to be too rigid about the structure of my day though and if I fancy nipping off for a walk in the woods or a run or for a coffee I tend to go with it - mostly it helps and I'm much more productive for it."

5. If there was a fire in the building, what would be the 3 items/objects that you would instantly grab? 

"-My name plaque, I've had this since I was very tiny and it's always been in my workspace somewhere. It's getting pretty old and faded now but I still love it.
-My Russian Dolls, I am a bit obsessed with them - they come up in my work a lot and I think they are beautiful.
-My cameras, I have a collection of digital and film cameras, some of them are pretty old now and I'd hate to see anything happen to them."

6. Any tips on maintaining a workspace and how to ensure a productive day in the studio?

"When you're workspace is as small (or should I say bijou?) as mine you need to be organised and it needs to work on many levels. I try to be clear about what I'm going to be doing over the course of a week so I can adapt my set up accordingly. So I would know that Monday was going to be an illustration day and I'd put away, and out of sight, all the items I don't need and only have out my 'Illustration Kit' and vice versa.

Don't scrimp on the personal touches, having inspiring, meaningful things around really helps on the days when your mojo has deserted you.

Keep lists, I have various lists and planners on the wall above my desk so I can see where I am at with things quickly and easily.

Change of scene. Some days my small corner of the second bedroom just isn't big enough, I'm feeling restless and want to spread out so I do, I move into the dinning room, or the kitchen or the coffee shop down the road. You don't have to sit in your workspace all day to be doing work!"

Thank you Sam!

It's so reassuring to know that others find organised small spaces work well for them and that it's ok to escape the to-do-list every now and then to clear your head. 
We currently stock Sam Osborne's Six Nations prints and rock and roll love cards, but are looking forward to some wonderful new 'recipe' prints! Keep a close eye out in Nook & Cranny and feel inspired and get back to the drawing board!

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  1. Great stuff Sam! Love the insight bit. I know she's working on some rather 'greasy' stuff for someone... ;)