Saturday, 26 November 2011

Printing Jenni

Christmas gift buying never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing the special someone the gift is for will be adored. HOWEVER. Sometimes, isn't gift wrapping just such a pain? Cellotape and long hair doesn't mix, so while I think I've been creative wrapping gifts to make them look like a cracker, I often come away dazed, confused and a fringe full of sticky tape and ribbon. My generous mother on the other hand, has the task of keeping the mounds of gifts for people together in a neat organized pile. 
If only there was some way I could stylishly avouid gift wrapping, or my mum could keep everyone's goodies kept together?

Ta-da! Printing Jenni has hand screen printed small and large tote bags in a wonderfully Christmasy illustration. The small red stocking bags would be perfect to fill with sweets and delights and for me to avoid wrapping gifts, just adding a little complimentary green tissue paper as stuffing. While the larger stocking, tree and star printed natural canvas, fair trade, tote bags look the perfect size to pile high with ready wrapped gifts for someone you're spoiling.

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