Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Joy of Ex Foundation.

The sarcasm behind the name of this group almost sums up the tone and humour behind Sally's work at The Joy of Ex. Having only started the foundation in may of this year, and having the prints, tea towels and bags proudly on display at Nook & Cranny, the popularity so far is amazing. Take a look at the work, and then we'll pull at the heart strings with the story behind the concept.

Book Club Tote Bag
Set Of Four 'Cake Bowls' Postcards
Set Of Four 'Naked' Postcards

"Sally doesn’t really consider herself an overly nice person, but when her own divorce almost cost her her smile, she started writing a funny novel to make herself giggle. And whilst writing the book she decided to start The Foundation. She wasn't exactly sure exactly how she could possibly help anyone. So as a writer, she started a little Facebook group to help people to smile more… cos sometimes in life there is nothing else you can do.
Then people started asking her for merchandise and books featuring all her silly quotes. She had some printed, and people from all around the world started buying them. Sally now puts aside a chunk of the money she earns, to try and help people when they get stuck going through a rough break up."

How thoughtful can one person be? Whether you are succuming to the heart ache of a break up, having a bad day or know someone who is described perfectly in the form of a beautiful statement postcard, these beauties make everyone smile. Personally, my favourite is 'I'm in a love triangle with Ben &  Jerry'. Jen on the other hand sleeps with books and I posted one to my mum on her birthday, knowing she is 'proud to lick cake bowls'. The bright colours, simple text but fantastically funny announcements draw in the crowds themselves, but knowing why Sally is hoping they cheer people up and knowing that profits go towards counselling and support for people in need, only makes you love them more.
Pop in to Nook & Cranny and find the satement that best suits you, or get one for a friend in need and feel the glow of pride knowing how happy the world could really be.

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