Saturday, 3 December 2011

New stock : Nicola Rowlands

The ever so lovely Nicola Rowlands popped by Nook & Cranny again yesterday to hand deliver some more beautiful goodies.

The handsome Taco Kitty now adorns a tote bag, Christmas with Nicola can be celebrated with love by sending a card that says "happy holidays to you and your horrible little dog", a Capybara makes for an unusual ornament while Victor's girlfriend can be shown off as an ornament too.
Coming soon: the pug cushion. We're so excited about this one! Already sold out, Nicola is wipping up more pugs to sit pretty next to Victor here at Nook & Cranny.
Not only this, but Nicola has very kindly brought more original drawings. Handsome bearded and 'tached men, fishes and knickers - these original drawings are so unique and sure to raise a smile.
We love a friendly visit from Nicola and were even more suprised by a visit from Nicolas University tutor! Quick to spot Nicolas work and buying the last Victor pillow for her office, she was full of praise for both Nook & cranny and Nicola.

Meeting the artists, crafters, makers and designers we stock, makes Nook & Cranny seem like a home - nestling our family of talented creators firmly under our wing. Not only does it make us protective of our hard workers and artists, we can discuss our family of makers with the customers - reasuring them of the unique handmade and original designs that are exclusive to Nook & Cranny in Liverpool.

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