Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nook & Cranny Christmas list

Whenever I'm browsing new artists or we get some wonderful new stock, I always imagine who I could give such an item to as a gift. With Christmas around the corner and Etsy full of wonderful UK based artisans at the moment, I couldn't resist making a Christmas gift list for Jen, John and Bob.

For Jen,

a beautiful print from Freya Art & Design. Personally chosen because Jen effectively saved me when she asked me to help her with Nook & Cranny. Illness or not she has been so understanding and supportive and I love my job!


to combine Jen's love of good type and Pride and Prejudice, I found this wonderful print by Chatty Nora.

For John,

coffee and Star Trek? A perfect print for John from Aura Bowman!


Playstation controllers disguised as soap? Men always get 'smellies' for Christmas but at least these are a little more manly! From Two Egg Plants.

And for Bob,

an amzingly intricate bear t-shirt to add to Bob's steadily growing collection. Available in a different colour way, from InkHeart.


a mug adorned with the whole family of bears?! Perfect! Bob is a bear fanatic and equally excited by tea. Katie Viggers stocks some wonderful work.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

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