Monday, 20 August 2012

The wall sticker company.

Found on the amazing blog (which anyone worth their design and inspiration credentials should already know about and follow), this company has extended the increasingly popular wall decals (vinyl stickers for walls that are removable and AMAZING) into wallpaper! No more yucky paste and swearing trying to remove the paper! This is a dream for anyone renting their home or anyone that changes their interior as often as the trends change. The wall sticker company include some fantastic illustrative decals from artists such as Grace Lee and Chrissy Lau, while the wallpapers range from photographic images to geometric patterns and on trend colours.
I'd like to say the only problem is choosing your favourite, but considering the ease in which these can be removed and applied, why not have a new theme every week?!

The wipeable chalkboard decals have been circling the design blogosphere for a while - aren't they great?! Can't get enough of the oversized knitted wallpaper too!

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