Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Childrens crafts

With the back to school date looming, some parents out there might be counting down the days for the chance of an afternoon nap while some are welling up at the thought of their little people going to school for the first time. Here are some DIY ideas you and your children can make together, from lunch box ideas to show them you're thinking of them at school, to last minute rainy day activities so you can iron the last of their uniform.

 Adding stickers to fruit in your kiddies lunch box will not only let them know you care, but also draw their attention to the yummy fruit - so hopefully they wont skip the banana and have the crisps first!
Idea found here, adhesive paper found here and print out ideas can be downloaded from here. If not, hand written messages on stickers would be just as cute!

Check out this cute little crowd of gnomes! This is a free download that you can print out, found here, and so easy to make. Why not give the older children plain paper and pens to make their own? 

How great are these paper alphabet characters? Follow this link and learn the alphabet with your children while they get creative! Perhaps make one letter of the alphabet a week or just make your childs name to decorate their room?

How about using cookie cutters to shape a boring sandwich for their lunch boxes? You can get some great cookie cutters here. The above images were just found on Google images - type in 'children's lunch box ideas' and feel inspired!

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