Friday, 3 August 2012

Liverpool Pride 2012 : 'Nautical but Nice'

This year sees plans for another spectacular weekend of events from Liverpool Pride - a festival celebrating the lesbian, gay, bi and transgender communities in Liverpool. Every year a huge parade through Liverpool is topped off with live entertainment, music and various activities across the city.
This year, Nook & Cranny are excited to be able to fly the rainbow flag in support and are in the middle of a very special 'nautical but nice' display that echoes the theme for this year. On the Sunday, the Bluecoat are hosting 'Gay Gardens' a relaxing day including a knitting circle from Purlesque, a 'recovery and wellbeing' menu in the cafe, Jemima Wyman is creating a large-scale artwork for Biennial 2012 which you can get involved with and entertainment from Grin Theatre.
Our display will host work from

Takae & Sons

Ribbon Squirrel

John Alan Birch

Hannah Bitowski

Jessica Hogarth

Tim Irving

Jojo Norris

Kate Slater

El Famoso

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