Monday, 23 July 2012

Ping! Liverpool

If you've 'liked' us on Facebook and are following us on Twitter @NookandCrannyL1, you might be curious to know why we have been raving about playing table tennis. Ping! is a great opportunity to get out in the sun, get a little exercise and socialise with other people. 40 tables are set up across Liverpool (including on the ferry across the Mersey!), with bats and balls provided, you can pull up to a table and while away your time with a little fun. Ping! is also hosting various table tennis led activities and suprises.

More appropriatley to us however, 21 paddles (that's a table tennis bat to us) have been customised, altered and decorated by various artists, shops, designers, creators and bands across Liverpool. Each paddle is then being auctioned on eBay (here) to raise money for the fantastic charity CALM, the 'capaign against living miserably'.

 Paddle designed by Sophie Backhouse

The grand finale event is 26th July at the great new venue Camp and Furnace where you can out bid any eBayers last minute, enjoy a fantastic evening full of activities and know that you're doing a good deed for the day.

visit and for more information

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