Thursday, 12 July 2012

Geoffrey Farmer: Leaves of grass

Canadian artist Geoffrey Farmer has created a three dimensional and sculptural collage work 'Leaves of grass' for the 13th Documenta Art Festival, which features the works of 200 artists and takes place every five years for a duration of 100 days in Kassel, Germany. The work spans sixty feet and is built from thousands of clippings from American image-centric magazine LIFE between the years of 1935 and 1985.

Here at Nook & Cranny we've always been keen to share with customers just how intense and skill based alot of the prints and art work we sell are. Being artists our selves, we know that the time scale from sketchbook doodle to solid, saleable art work can be arduous and long.
This art work in Kassel, Germany, has caught my attention, not just for the impact of the large scale and detail, but for the idea of how long this must have taken the artist! Surely cutting 50 years worth of magazines took the artist the 5 years inbetween each art festival!

Of course, this is a fantastic, visually dramatic documentation of America through these years - including cuttings from adverts, images of idols, important people and presidents etc of the time. Each cutting is individually attached a stick of wood, ensuring each image can be seen.
An amazing piece of art work, with the huge impact it makes probably being quite amazing in a gallery surrounding. However - you can probably get all these images through the internet now. Just saying...

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