Wednesday, 11 July 2012

DIY from ohNOrachio!

Fantastic DIY tutorial by Nook & Cranny designer Oh No Rachio. 
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Inspired by my tube of super neon pink paint and a feeling that our bedroom could do with an injection of colour I created these two little pillow cases, one for me and one for the boy! They are really really easy to make and cost virtually nothing too - always a bonus eh?
Below are some pretty snaps of the pillows on our bed, chilling with my baby gorilla pillow {he's the best!} and 'Besty' our vintage little lion cub. I'm pretty proud of the outcome actually. You could make these with or without the initials, or any colour under the sun!
If you'd like to know how to make them...keep going to the bottom of the page, I include visual instructions :)

Here's how:
You will need:
//. acrylic paint
//. paper and a sharpie
//. craft knife or scissors
//. cutting mat or protected surface
//. PILLOWCASES! {mine were £1 from Primark!!}

{tip: cover the surface below the pillowcase really well - and make sure you put something between the two layers as you don't want paint on the back of the nice white case do you?}
 {tip: hold the paper to the fabric as you move along the outside of the heart to get a clean, neat outline}

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