Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Magpie and a Dove

These wonderful hand crocheted items are aimed to be used as dish cloths (but also make sweet placemats!). Durable and washing machine safe, they can be used and re-used making them the most econimical way to scrub your dishes! 
(Unlike us - we make John like the dishes clean. He's only too happy to oblige)

Joanne has made them for us in a variety of colours and are an absolute bargain at only £6 - especially when you consider 'cost per use'! 

Joanne says,

"These cloths are extremely hard wearing, can be washed, boiled, bleached and cared for in the right way should last for a long long time. This making them a cheaper in the long run, more environmentally friendly (and better looking!) alternative to the usual mass produced ones."

These crochet dish cloths make a wonderful gift when paired up to one of our many tea towels - with a choice of colours customers have matched the items together making them a sweet gift for a kitchen loving friend.


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