Saturday, 11 February 2012

Born Restless

Hayley Wright is the incredible talent behind Born Restless, hand embroidered works of art that are delicately finished with vintage frames. Unusual subjects take centre stage, skeleton hands waving hello, ouija boards and bats, sombre text and praying hands cause a juxtaposition in this feminine past time of embroidery and add dark meaning to a generally neutral craft.
For beautiful one-off, hand made works of art, with each being framed in a specially sourced vintage (and so again, one-off and unique) frame, these beauties are only £16. An absolute bargain for a completly original item. 
Nook & Cranny are delighted to stock the fish skeleton, moth (a personal favourite) and ship. The moth, although in black cotton, seems romantic and now staged within the Valentines display, makes for a charming gift to a loved one or new couple - with a love as unique and delicate as the moth and work of art itself some might say!

Nook & Cranny are finalising a workshop plan for a 'stitch & bitch' session, with Hayley in mind and being a local artist we hope to feature her work to show budding embroiders where the craft can take you - it's not all alphabet samples and embroidered hankies!

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