Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How to read handwriting.

Did you know that your hand written letter could say so much more about you than you realised? Letters, type and hand writing are examined by police, therapists and your old English teacher and apparently we give ourselves away without even knowing.

Write your name.

Look at the slant of the letters -
forward slanting: you have a emotionally responsive personality,
                             you are a positive person
no slant/straight up and down lettering: you are more reserved emotionally.
backwards slant/left slant: you are emotionally withdrawn
                             you are a negative person

Written words on unlined paper -
sentences and lines slanting upwards: indicate optimisim and happiness
sentences running in a downward slant: can indicate depression
straight writing: indicates a balanced frame of mind

Shape of the letters -
cicular and rounded handwriting: open, easy-going and often etraverted personality
angluar handwriting with sharp points: may indicate an aggressive and direct personality
squared handwriting: scientific, practical and logic based personality
squiggles and irregular: artistic and creative personality

Crossed 't's -
crossed 't' towards the bottom of letter: low self esteem
crossed 't' towards top of letter: high expectations and high self esteem
a capital 't' with the cross above the letter line: unrealistically high self esteem

Dotted 'i's -
dotted directly above the letter: mind is in the present
dotted in front of letter: writer is thinking about the future
dotted behind the letter: writer dwells in the past

Letter spacing -
words close together could indicate an introverted and intense personality
words largely spaced may indicate an extroverted personality

Heavy writing -
this may indicate stress and/or emotional intensity

Size of the letters and words -
this can be classed as directly proportionate to the perceived self importance of the writer, for example a large signature may indicate the writer believing themselves to be of high importance, while a smaller signature may reveal a weak personality.

What do you think? Revealing too much with your large 'o's and crossed 't's? We consider these ideas when creating our own type and font for greetings cards and posters - imagine a very angular and sharp 'happy birthday' message? That could be read as too aggressive for a positive message.
Who knew hand writing could be so hard?
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