Friday, 11 November 2011

2d Scrumptious

Yeah, ok, you guessed it, Nook & Cranny have a very large soft spot for dogs, and 2d Scrumptious has fed our desire with wonderful illustrative dog Christmas cards. What a joy for the festive period!

Stretch the Sausage dog, hand drawn by childrens book illustrator, Steven Lenton, is a key character at 2d Scrumptious head quarters. A variety of warm and fun figures appeal to all ages, adorning cards, gifts, prints and bags. Each with their own whimsical story to tell, Stretch was Nook & Cranny's favourite, new to the gang and making his debut this Christmas.
Inside each card says 'streeeeeeeetch out this Christmas'. Of course we will Stretch, how can we not take advice from the cutest Sausage dog around?

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