Friday, 9 July 2010

scouting and spying in windows

If you were in Liverpool City centre on Wednesday you might have seen me and Bobatron peeking into shop windows and taking some sneaky photographs. We decided to find out which units were up for grabs and find the perfect location for our shop.

This is a vacant space at the Bluecoat Gallery that both me a bob have fallen in love with. It would need alot of work and I mean ALOT but it is in a fairly good location and from what I can tell the rates would be good. I love the rough look of the exposed brick and the beams.

This is another possible space in a shopping area called Clayton Square. That's me flat up against the window peering inside, thanks Bob! Not much would be needed to be changed, bit of paint and some shelves. This is a more practical choice though the daring part of me wants the challenge of the Bluecoat space! We shall see...

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