Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cumulus Project

Cumulus Project is an online company based across the pond in Vancouver. This company has the ethos of "One of a kind...One at a time" I can really appreciate this as it highlights the maker and the product; where as if it was on the shelf the customer wouldn't necessarily understand the love and care gone into the making of a product. The item featured at the moment is a Hand-Stitched Chain-link Quilt.


"Made from organic raw undyed cotton baton and fabric, this whole-cloth quilt is hand-stitched with a repeating chain-link pattern. While vaguely reminiscent of the traditional wedding-ring quilt pattern, this contemporary motif conjures a new heritage--one perhaps that weighs warmth and security against utility and protection"

It is very hard not to appreciate the workmanship that went into this beautiful handmade product.

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