Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tutorial: Tissue Paper Flower

Here's a little tutorial on how to create your own tissue paper flowers! This method of making them is low in cost and is easy for beginners. The only equipment you will need is a pair of scissors, a couple of toothpicks and a glue stick.

You can use any colour tissue paper, but I would suggest using green for the stem, to make your flower look realistic. We went with white for the petals and black for the middle of the flower.

Be careful when wrapping the green tissue around the toothpick, as it tends to rip if you're not delicate enough with it. You only need one toothpick per flower.

Cut a thin strip of the black tissue paper, approximately 25cm in length and fray one side of it using scissors like shown. This next bit can be a bit tricky, so be careful not to rip the tissue paper and you glue and wrap the the frayed strip around the top of the stem.

The flower petals don't have to be of equal size, as you'll be spreading them out when they are attached to the stem. If you want your flowers to look more bright and bold, then maybe try a yellow tissues paper or purple. When all the petal shapes are cut out, cut a small cross in the centre of each one, this will help you thread them on easily.

These are the final steps... When threading the petals on, make sure you don't go off the other end of the stem!

Your flower should now look similar to this! We added a little black leaf onto our stem to match the flowers centre. You can easily thread one on just like you did with the petals.

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