Thursday, 13 September 2012

Liverpool Biennial 2012

For nearly 3 months, every 2 years, something magical happens to Liverpool. The city plays host to an extraordinary range of artworks, projects and a dynamic programme of events. The Biennial continues to grow, sharing artists from around the world, culminating in the largest international contemporary art festival in the UK.
This year, the Bluecoat is where the adventure starts with the visitors hub inside. Here you can pick up your guide and begin the Biennial city art tour! Outside Nook & Cranny, the amazing art work that greets Biennial visitors here in the courtyard of the Bluecoat, is from Dan Graham. Dan's 'Reflecting Cylinders interrupts the main walkway of the Bluecoat, reflecting the beautiful archietecture of the Grade 1 listed building and encouraging a further interaction with the Bluecoat - one of the oldest buildings in Liverpool. 
Many installations, exhibitions, talks and seminars happen over the period of ten weeks with many smaller shops and galleries involved with exciting displays and celebrations of local talent. 
Be prepared to expect the unexpected! Already we have a lift that has crash landed in a shopping area, a security guarded VIP door in the middle of a walkway, colourful pigeons taking over the Walker art gallery and a hype surrounding a performance piece involving a naked person wrapped in bubble wrap, allowing the audience to pop the bubble wrap while poems are read out.
Starting this Saturday, 15th September, we're looking forward to another global gathering joined together by art.

Patrick Murphy at the Walker art gallery

Jemima Wyman at Fact

 the bright red colour trend for this years Biennial

Elmgreen & Dragset in Liverpool One

Oded Hirsch in Liverpool One

Dan Graham at the Bluecoat

It's set to be another jam packed few months while we try and tick off every art work in Liverpool specifically for the Biennial. Keep us updated with your finds and don't forget to call in after your inspection of Dan Grahams installation! You can keep updated by visiting the Biennial Facebook page here, or their site, here.

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