Sunday, 30 September 2012

Jane Ormes

These beautiful prints from Jane Ormes are a form of printing new to Nook & Cranny.
We actually had to look into the history of Gocco printing to understand this great traditional technique that really deserves shouting about.

"Print Gocco is a Japanese color screenprinting system developed in 1977 by Noboru Hayama.  Resembling a toy, the compact and completely self-contained printer is clean, quick and easy to use. The system works using flash bulbs, a carbon-based image or photocopy and an emulsion-coated screen. When the bulbs are manually flashed, the carbon in the drawing or photocopy burns the screen into a stencil. Several colors of Ink can then be applied at one time and multiples can be stamped out, as many as 100 before re-inking is needed." Extract from Save the Gocco!

Jane says "I am a screenprinter primarily, but discovered the fantastic and clever little machine called the gocco last year. It's very smart and portable and acts as an exposure unit and printing bed all- in- one. It makes printmaking very uncomplicated!"

We're very excited about Jane's group of beautifully coloured and textured animal prints that really show the detail you can get from such a small printing gadget - hopefully we can try it for ourselves soon!

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