Friday, 29 June 2012

Royal Mail Stamps by Marion Deuchars

I've never considered being a stamp collector (although I have some beautiful vintage butterfly stamps), but seeing the new collection from the Royal Mail to celebrate 50 years of the Royal Shakespeare Company, it's hard stopping myself from popping down to the post office and getting some of these mini works of art.

Of course, really, it's Marion Deuchars hand writen text that sets these stamps apart and turns them into a work of art and a graphic designers pin-up. You might recognise Marions hand writing from Penguin book covers, commissions from The Guardian and advertisement with Volkswagon. Marion was also the winner of the 2010 V&A book cover design award. 
Marion has also published a fantastic book for creative types "Let's make some great art" - putting a tongue in cheek approach to 'how to draw anything'. 

I'm sure Marion is also the hand behind the latests Boots adverts, and who knew - I own some of her work in the disguise of a Jamie Oliver cook book! 

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