Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Monika Swindells

Another stall holder from the Blank Note Super Summer Fair, that we couldn't let go without stocking up on some of her work for Nook & Cranny!
Monika creates a variety of artwork including eco friendly hand made bags using swatches of fabrics. Each bag is big enough to cart around your life and durable enough to stay sturdy. Neutral tones are packed with a punch of neon and tweed fabrics complimented with beautiful open stitching. Toggles, beautiful lining, rope handles and unusual patchwork set these bags apart from anything else we've seen and we're over the moon to have them on sale at Nook & Cranny. Monika had a great day at the fair and we're looking to bring some of her unusual pin and thread art to you soon.

You MUST also pop over and see Monikas blog - she takes the most beautiful photos documenting her work!


  1. thank you for the most amazing post! I am proud to become part of Nook & Cranny arty family :)

  2. They're certainly lovely bags! Hope you do really well in the shop Monkia!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Are you planning to join August event?