Friday, 28 October 2011

Lush Designs

Incase you hadn't worked it out yet, Nook & Cranny are animal lovers. If there's an illustration depicting the wonderfullness that is an animal, chances are, we're onto it. And if they can make a beastly hog look delightful, then we have to have it! Hogs and foxes are our favourite illustrations from the people over at Lush designs, displayed proudly on aprons and mugs, with bright vegetable illustrated napkins nestled in there too.

Following their blog, found here, you can start to find the sense of humour behind such great illustrations. I'm a fan of their new illustrations of cats. Apparently over at Lush head-quarters the neighbours cats have been up to the usual old trick of defecating in their back garden (typical, don't they all? my dad has a special scoop just incase), but instead of depicting them up to no good, Lush have made them dance and skip in a forest of plants, passing around cupcakes. If only hey, Lush? If only.

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