Wednesday, 26 October 2011


ARTHOUSE meath is a registered epilepsy trust charity. 

"The majority of ARTHOUSE Meath clients experience severe epilepsy. To reduce epileptic seizures for those living with epilepsy, it is important the brain is occupied, enthused and interested. This is part of the service we provide. We aim to give clients a sense of self-worth, and develop pride and confidence by showing the possibilities of what can be achieved."

Through art based workshops led by volunteers, such unique illustrations are transformed into greetings cards, mugs, wrapping paper, cufflinks, note books (to name a few) and limited editioned hand screen printed works of art. When Jen and I came across their stall in London early this year, we spent much of our time stood infront of the work admiring it, and the rest of the week discussing which items to stock. We joked that many students could spend years at University studying how to create such illustrations, and in truth, there are artists out there who only dream of such a talent. Remember Picasso? He spent his life trying to bring a child-like niave quality to his work. I could continue here and write you an essay on 'outsider' art - artists who have never been to 'art school', are self taught and their popularity for their unique qualities. But I wont. Instead, just admire the talented adults of ARTHOUSE meath. Every single penny from any item bought goes straight back into the organisation to continue engaging with their clients, boosting their confidence and giving them a place in society, something disabled adults often feel is overlooked.

"The charitable enterprise creates and exhibits artworks for sale in printmaking and painting. ARTHOUSE Meath celebrates the skills and talents of adults with learning difficulties, many of whom live with severe epilepsy and physical disabilities. Many adults in Britain living with these difficulties feel the work they create is deemed of little value and often considered redundant, ARTHOUSE Meath highly regards the skills and abilities of all its clients."

Much like our customers at Nook & Cranny who have admired our ARTHOUSE meath stock, we're first and formost drawn to the illustrations and art work itself, with the story behind the work being a coincidence and only encouraging us more.
Instantly fascinating, with a thought provoking and heart warming meaning and ethos, Nook & Cranny are over the moon to be able to stock a selection of their work - the 'teapots' range by Dan O'Sullivan and the 'dogs' range by Margaret Mace.

Remember, you make a purchase and you make a difference.
"Let's celebrate talent regardless of differences - Love art, love freedom, love purpose, LOVE ARTHOUSE"

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