Sunday, 14 October 2012

DIY: decorated shower curtain

How many of you as children were told off for doodling on the bedroom wall when you ran out of paper? Or scribbling on your pencil case when bored at school? Still get that urge to let your pen wonder when you find yourself holding it slightly too close to the table? Put your scribbles to good use! Here at Nook & Cranny we're increasingly getting more and more addicted to Sharpie pens and testing them on any surface. While trawling the internet, I found that a company called Grain Design sell an eco friendly, bio-degradeable shower curtain that is machine washable and breathes which reduces the build up of mould and mildew, yes, while this is brilliant on its own, the blank shower curtain comes in a package with a permanent marker so you can design your own work of art that will inevitabley be the focal point in your bathroom!

 Too eager to wait for the post and desperate to get doodling already? Sharpie pens draw on anything - check out these shower curtains for some inspiration! 

All images found here.

So whether you have a few hours to spare and an idea in mind, or just fancy letting the kids point their pens in a more useful direction, don't forget to only draw on the outside of the curtain (this usually has a grainier feeling to the material and sits on the outside of your bath/shower facing into the bathroom). Why not try a  little colour too and keep us updated if you give this a go!


  1. Those are one of the most creative design for curtains I've seen and they are also catchy in eyes and really good to put in bathroom.

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  2. Mindblowing. It looks so good, comfortable and cozy. Thanks for the details