Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Street 'Art' : Nikita Nomerz

Everyone has a divided opinion on whether street graffiti can be classed as art, whether the spray can is an artistic means of painting and if you can be called an artist if you break the law and tag a wall.
Street art has developed and grown since the days of the simple gang tag, with Banksy bringing forward the argument of 'what is art?' by displaying a true talent for spray painting and involving political opinions and arguments. Now through commercialism we can buy a bit of Banksy on a card or postcard, and whether you like the graffiti art or not, can pass it on to another.
Russian Artist Nikita Nomerz has exhibited within specially adapted galleries and buildings to provide an insight into his talent. Nomerz new project, 'The Living Wall' is worth a mention here on Nook & Cranny's blog as illustrative graffiti would be perfect commercialised and transfered to cards, prints, zines and posters!

More information and images can be found here. What do you think? I've written essays on 'What is art' and studied Fine Art - it would be great to hear opinions from the commercialism/graphic and design side of life!

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